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    Men's Full Sleeve Wetsuits

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    Men's Orca 3.8 Fullsleeve Wetsuit

    Men's Orca 3.8 Wetsuit

    The new Orca 3.8 wetsuit provides the perfect option for a triathlete or swimmer who needs all the extra buoyancy that they can have.
    Men's Orca Openwater Wetsuit

    Men's Orca Openwater Wetsuit

    $99.99 $170.00
    Openwater Core is specifically designed for open water swimming and training.
    Men's Orca S6 Wetsuit

    Men's Orca S6 Wetsuit

    $139.99 $239.99
    If you're looking for an entry-level open water sleeveless wetsuit that offers great flex and buoyancy for superb value.
    Men's Orca S6 Wetsuit

    Men's Orca S6 Wetsuit

    The S6 men's wetsuit is the alternative to the 3.8 for the Progressive Swimmer. This type of swimmer needs extra buoyancy, so the S6 is designed to raise the triathlete in the water, without neglecting the stretch needed in the stroke. The perfect tool to keep you moving through the water.
    Men's Orca Sonar Wetsuit

    Men's Orca Sonar Wetsuit

    The New Sonar is the complete package, the crème de la crème of wetsuits. The most versatile suit in our range, most of the triathlete community will find it fits their budget and technical requirements. Ideal for Total Swimmers looking for the perfect balance between flexibility and buoyancy.

    Men's Full Sleeve Wetsuits

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