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Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.
- John F. Kennedy

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Tri Shop - Felt Bicycles

Felt Bicycles

Located in Irvine, California, Felt Bicycles and its namesake, Jim Felt, are known for their cutting edge engineering and aerodynamic prowess in making some of the best and most forward-thinking road bikes on the planet.

Felt offers a wide ranging lineup of road bikes, from the aerodynamic AR, to the all-around racer F-series, the relaxed fit Z series, women's specific ZW, and much more. From aluminum price points at Tri Shop for $700 to to best bikes money can be, Felt Bicycles are engineered to excellence.

Tri Shop - Orbea Bicycles

Orbea Bicycles

Located in Spain with American headquarters in Little Rock Arkansas, the Orbea is a legend in cycling with a long history of cycling success.

Orbea offers its legendary carbon racer Orca in an all-new for 2015 package and the new, versatile, sublimely smooth Orbea Avant. If you're looking to get into cycling or looking to race like the pros, Orbea has an option for you.

Tri Shop - Scott Bicycles

Scott Bicycles

American born and Switzerland-based, Scott Bicycles has been a mainstay at the highest levels of cycling with a broad lineup to meet every cycling need.

Whether you're interested in the aerodynamic excellence of the Scott Foil, a speed and climbing machine like the Scott Addict, the ultra comfortable Scott Solace, or the incredible value of the Scott CR1, Scott has a carbon road bike for every need. If you're looking for an aluminum option, the Scott Speedster packs incredible value and performance in an affordable package.

Tri Shop - Boardman Bicycles

Boardman Bicycles

British-based Boardman Bikes, led by legendary cyclist and aerodynamics expert Chris Boardman, is new to the United States but not new to those who know cycling and triathlon. Stiff, fast, and smooth - the Boardman lineup is an avid road cyclists's dream.

Tri Shop carries the entire Boardman road line, including the aerodynamic and fast Boardan AiR or the stiff, smooth Boardman SLS. For those looking for an ultralight bike, the Boardman SLR is available as a frame.

Tri Shop - Allied Cycle Works

Allied Cycle Workss

Allied Cycle Works uses the line "Made Here" when discussing their bikes. And they do it for good reason. Tony Karklins and his team are dedicated to manufacturing the best bikes in the world right here in the United States, and that's exactly what they are doing in their Little Rock, Arkansas manufacturing facility.

The Allied Alfa is the first bicycle designed, engineered, manufactured and marketed by Allied Cycle Works. The Allied Alfa delivers performance, efficiency, simplicity, durability and beauty. It is designed to be a racing bicycle that is stiff and compliant where you need it to be. You will see the Alfa in the highest levels of professional cycling as well as at gran fondos and on your local club ride.

It is a perfectly balanced, high performance, handcrafted American made machine. Click here to learn more.