Fit First

Service Department

At Tri Shop, service comes first. Our service department has experienced, knowledgeable technicians that will treat your bike like we treat our own.

Whether you've got the latest in electronic shifting or a vintage bike, Tri Shop's Service Department is your choice when it comes to maintenance, repair, and and upgrades.

Questions? Call us at 972-378-5476.
Road Bikes at Tri Shop
Standard Service

Ride with confidence with our Standard Service. Our Standard Service thoroughly evaluates the safety and integrity of your bike:

  • Bike Inspection
  • Bolt/torque check
  • Lube Drivetrain
  • Inflate Tires
  • Wipe down bike
Road Bikes at Tri Shop
Complete Service

For the avid cyclist, the Complete tune includes everything in the Ride Safe and adds:

  • Bike wash and clean
  • Perfect Shifting
  • Perfect Braking
  • Remove & Clean Cassette
  • Wheel Inspection and Adjustment
  • $20 additional fee for integrated brakes
Road Bikes at Tri Shop
Pro Service

For the rider that demands the best, the Pro Service includes everything in the Complete Service plus:

  • Complete breakdown to the frame
  • Clean every component
  • New cables and housing included
  • True wheels on truing stand
  • $20 additional fee for integrated brakes
Do you work on bikes?
Yes! Our service department works on bikes of all kinds, including road bikes, tri bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids, kids' bikes, expensive bikes, inexpensive bikes, and more.
Do you work on bikes that are from brands you don't carry?
Absolutely. We work on all sorts of bikes no matter where you bought it from.
Do you pack and ship bikes?
We are happy to box the bike for you but you'll need to take care of arranging shipping.
I'd like to ship a bike to you and have you build it for me. Is this something you do?
Yes. If you arrange to have your bike shipped to Tri Shop, we can build and tune it for you. We'll call you when complete and you can pick it up.
I have a really expensive bike. Why should I trust you to fix it?
As a high-performance road and tri shop, our technicians see more carbon, more electronic shifting, more integrated brakes, and more custom bike builds than anyone, per technician. We have the knowledge, expertise, and service you're looking for.
I have a really inexpensive bike. Why should I trust you to fix it?
We treat every bike with extreme care. The expertise, knowledge, and care we exercise when working on high-performance bikes carries over to every bike we service, whether it's a commuter, hybrid, or kid's bike.