Tri Shop Group Rides

Group Rides

Every Saturday at 8am, Tri Shop's group rides leave from the store. With three groups to choose from, every rider will find a home. As long as the weather permits, we ride.

Tri Shop's group training sessions are completely free, fun, and are not meant to be a substitute for coaching or organized training. Join us!

Stay informed and up to date by connecting with the Tri Shop Community Training Group on Facebook. Ride updates, weather updates, other ride opportunities, and other free training opportunities are posted there.
Group Ride C at Tri Shop
Group C and No Drop

14 - 16 mph for 20 miles

Click here for a larger map and directions.

If preferred, the out-and-back route offers opportunities to shorten the distance.

Group Ride B at Tri Shop
Group B

16 - 17 mph for 33.5 miles

Click here for a larger map and directions.

B rides 16-17 mph for 33.5 miles. Riders should know the route and be self-sufficient.

Group Ride A at Tri Shop
Group A

18-19 mph for 50 miles

Click here for a larger map and directions.

The A ride pushes 18-19mph for a challenge. Riders should know the route and be self-sufficient.

Cycling 101 at Tri Shop
Cycling 101

Want to ride but not sure if you're ready? Looking to get into cycling and not sure where to start? Tri Shop has you covered.

For more information on Cycling 101 at Tri Shop, click here.

Tuesdays, 6:15pm
Tuesday Track
PBA Women's Ride

The women's ride is on hold until the Spring when the days are longer.

Wednesdays, 6:30pm
Wednesday Trainer Ride
Triple Threat Trainer Ride

Bring your bike, bike gear, trainer, and ride indoors with Triple Threat Tough!

Now that the days are shorter, the hill repeats ride has moved indoors and will focus on improving power! Every 6 weeks there will be an indoor training test (FTP test) to help you gauge your improvement and identify your training zones in the Tri Shop Performance Studio.

Saturdays, 7:00am
Tuesday Track
PBA Advanced Tweener Ride

Every Saturday morning at 7am, Plano Bicycle Association hosts an "Advanced Tweener" ride. This ride covers 38-48 miles at 16-17 mph and has 1700 feet of climbing. This ride is slightly more advanced than PBA's Tweener ride.

While guests are welcome, you are encouraged to become a PBA member. See the map here.

Rules of the Ride

  1. Know the route.
  2. It's not a race.
  3. Ride 2 by 2. Hold your line.
  4. Pull through to the front.
  5. Stay with the group. No gaps.
  6. Warn the other riders about obstacles.
  7. Adjust your speed gradually.
  8. Don't overlap wheels.
  9. Don't pass on the right.
  10. Struggling to keep up? Stay at the back and let the ride pull you. You'll get there.
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