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Don't buy a bike and then buy a bike fit.
Buy a bike that fits.

Bike sizing is, at best, inconsistent, and at worst, misleading. Don't gamble. Get the most value for your investment and experience a better way to buy a bike. Get Fit First at Tri Shop.

Best of all? If you're buying a bike from Tri Shop, the process is free. If not, you'll have the fit coordinates and bike measurements to buy with confidence.

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Experience a better way to buy your next bike. Get Fit First.
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Fitting Session for a New Bike

A Fitting Session for a New Bike guarantees you are buying a bike that matches your body, your riding style, and your needs.

A session costs $199, but if you're buying a bike at Tri Shop, the process is completely free. If you schedule a session and end up buying a bike from Tri Shop later, the $199 you paid applies to the purchase of your bike.

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Why Does Fit Matter?
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Customers who purchase a bike from Tri Shop get free admittance to our Introduction to Cycling Class ($99 value), a hands-on, two week workshop where you'll work with a coach while you ride your bike to help you ride safer and more efficient. Want to learn more? Click here.

Bike Sizing is Broken

When shopping for bikes, the first question to answer is which size bike should you buy. Bikes will have sizes such as Small, Medium, and Large, like a t-shirt, or a more specific measurements like 52cm, 54cm, 56cm, and so on.

Unfortunately, from brand to brand, or even when comparing bikes within the same brand, bikes that claim to be the same size can actually be very, very different. Using only one measure when sizing a bike just doesn't provide enough detail to make decisions on what works best.

A Better Way to Measure: Stack and Reach

So if the bike sizes can't be trusted, how do we know what size works best? At Tri Shop, we use measurements that provide better accuracy: stack and reach. Frame Stack, as seen in the image below, is the vertical distance from the center of the bottom bracket, the circle you pedal around, to the top of the frame at the headtube, or front of the bike. The Frame Reach, on the other hand, is the horizontal distance between the same two points - the center of the bottom bracket and the headtube top.

What this gives us is the ability to compare bikes, frame to frame, and really understand how one bike size compares to another. Think of it like buying jeans - you'd never buy a pair of jeans that were sized with a single measurement, like a Small or Medium. You'd demand more fidelity, with, at minimum, inseam length and waist size. But yet, with bicycles, which is typically a significantly larger investment than a pair of jeans, shops will try to sell you bikes with less analysis than you'd use to buy jeans.

The Fit First Bike Sizing Process at Tri Shop

Now we know how to compare bikes, but now we need a way to match the right bike size with you. Some shops will size you from a glance, others will break out the tape measure. At Tri Shop, we demand more fidelity.

We perform a thorough bike sizing process that includes a physiological screen and a complete, detailed bike fit session on our Retül Müve fit bike. This 90 minute process centers around what position works best for you, not how we can sell a bike on the showroom floor. The Retül Müve bike has unlimited adjustability, no biases, and can be moved to the best position for your body, your riding style, and your comfort.

To make sure we've positioned you effectively, we use Retül motion capture to measure your body angles as you ride, not when you're stopped and your balance has changed. This gives us a complete picture of what's happening when you ride, and we can adjust accordingly.

Once we've identified your ideal position, we digitally measure the fit bike to identify your fit coordinates (including Frame Stack and Frame Reach), and go shopping based on your ideal frame geometry.

The end result is a detailed report that includes fit photos, your captured body geometry, and most important, your ideal bike configuration including frame geometry, saddle position, and handlebar/armpad position. When appropriate, you'll also get a Best Fit Bikes report, a custom tool found only at Tri Shop that compares your ideal bike configuration against Tri Shop's bike database. An example report can be seen below:

If you're buying a bike from Tri Shop, this process is completely free. If you're still shopping or looking to buy a bike from elsewhere, no problem. There is a $199 charge for a Fitting Session for a New Bike and we'll be happy to set up any bike you purchase to the fit coordinates in the report.

If you go through our sizing process and decide later to buy a bike at Tri Shop, the $199 you paid will apply to the purchase of the bike (as long as it's within 6 months of the fit). There are no hidden fees or intent - we just want to make sure you're riding in the best position to meet your needs.

My Shop Does Something Similar - Why Trust Tri Shop?

Nobody in the Metroplex has the knowledge, expertise, and experience that Tri Shop has when it comes to fitting road and triathlon bikes. Tri Shop is the only shop in the South that is both Retül Master Certified and F.I.S.T. (Fit Institute - SlowTwitch) Advanced Certified. That, coupled with extensive wind tunnel experience with aerodynamics expert John Cobb, means there is nobody you should trust more with your next bike purchase. Our results speak for themselves:

I Have a Limited Budget - Do I Still Need to Get Fit First?

Whether your budget is $800 or $8000, it's still too much to pay to gamble and get the wrong bike. No matter what your budget happens to be, getting your new bike Fit First makes sure you are maximizing your investment with the highest value bike you can get for your budget.

No more "we can make it fit." No more guesswork. At Tri Shop, you get the precision to make sure you're on the right bike and it's set up in the right position. We guarantee it.

Other Shops Don't Do This - Can I Just Test Ride?

That prompts the question, test ride what? Why are other shops selecting the bikes you're test riding, and are you sure those options are sized and fit correctly? That question is exactly what getting Fit First answers.

That said, if you're still skeptical about getting your bike Fit First or would like to just test ride a few options, Tri Shop can accomodate. We have an extensive inventory of road and triathlon bike options ready for you to test at a wide range of prices and configurations. If you decide to buy, your bike purchase will still include a complimentary Pro Bike Fit to optimize your position and guarantee value whether you were Fit First or not. We don't sell bikes and then sell a bike fit. We sell bikes that fit.

Call us at 972-378-5476 or email us at if you have any questions or want to schedule a bike size or bike fit session. You can also schedule online by clicking the button below:

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