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David Gillen


Coach David is husband of 8 years, a father for 1, a software architect for 15, an endurance athlete for 13, and a USAT Cetified Level I Coach for 4 years. He has coached athletes at all levels, including leading a Rookies program that guided multiple people to complete their very first triathlon. In the following years, he has built multi-year relationships with his athletes by helping them intelligently progress from Olympic to 70.3 to Ironman events. He has even inspired a couple of athletes to follow his progression into coaching.

By coaching many athletes of various backgrounds and time availability, David has gained valuable experience integrating training into their weekly schedule so as to minimize friction with family and work. His journey started with humble beginnings.

It’s difficult to believe that when he started, he could barely run 2 minutes without walking breaks when he worked to complete his first marathon. Despite this accomplishment, David let himself become a 250-lb coach potato before a high-blood pressure epiphany caused him to start devouring endurance literature instead of burgers. Two years later and 80 pounds lighter, Coach David embarked on a very successful progression, first completing sprint triathlons until he moved on to iron-distance triathlons. Throughout this adventure, David has thoroughly enjoyed educating himself on all aspects of triathlon training while developing particular strengths in periodization methodologies, heart-rate and paced-based training, and "dialing in" a nutrition/hydration plan.

David loves triathlon training because of how it changes you. Previously unthinkable workouts become routine, and this improvement redefines your perception of what you're capable of accomplishing. By going from an obese underachiever to a continuously improving Ironman, triathlon has transformed his life, giving him so much more confidence and energy than he ever had before. This transformation has proved that triathlon has the power to revolutionize your life if you let it.

His coaching goal is to guide you through that same wonderful journey. Despite all the external stimulus of fancy bikes and sleek spandex, David found this journey to be largely an internal one. He continues to do triathlon because he want to find and feel that inner spirit that is only exposed when many miles have stripped away all shields of adrenaline, caffeine, and glycogen. He coaches to help others discover that same passion.

As a senior software architect and an extremely "hands-on" father of an active toddler, he fully appreciates the challenges of integrating triathlon into a hectic lifestyle and specializes in helping similarly busy athletes find that training/life balance. Furthermore, by using TrainingPeaks/WKO+ to analyze athletes training, he has developed a strength in key technical areas such as running video analysis, power metrics such as IF, TSS, etc, and periodization concepts such as ATL, CTL, and TSB. He is particularly passionate about long course triathlon and enjoy helping athletes accomplish big goals.

A few highlights of his racing experience are:

  • 2011 White Rock Marathon
  • 2011 Ironman Boulder 70.3
  • 2011 Disco X-50 - 2nd place M35-39
  • 2010 Ironman Texas 70.3
  • 2009 Ironman Wisconsin
  • 2009 Ironman Kansas 70.3 5:05:28
  • 2008 Ironman Lake Placid
  • 2008 Ironman California 70.3
  • 2008 Austin Marathon 3:24:26 (403 out of 5134)
  • 2007 Ironman Timberman 70.3
  • 2007 Grasslands 50 mile ultra run
  • 2007 Escape From Alcatraz
  • 2007 RunBiTri Flower Mound 1st Place M30-39
  • 2006 Iron-Distance Redman 2nd Place M30-34
  • 2001 Austin Marathon 5:51:23 (4796 out of 4937)

David is currently training for the ITU WCS San Diego Olympic distance triathlon, Ironman Couer d'Alene, and Ironman Austin 70.3. He offers all triathlon coaching plans. You can contact him for questions or an initial consultation via email at david@trishop.com.

6101 Windhaven Parkway
Suite 100
Plano, Texas
(972) 378-5476

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