Fit First

Buying a Bike? Think Fit First

The best bike for you? The one that fits. The right fit maximizes comfort, efficiency, and power to enhance your cycling experience.

A fit-first approach guarantees you get the best bike that fits your specific needs and riding style and helps you avoid making an expensive mistake - buying a bike that doesn't fit. It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner, racer, or Ironman - fit matters.

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Why Buy a Bike From Us?
Exceptional customer service, fit expertise, and the best brands.
Why Choose Tri Shop for Service?
Extensive experience, knowledge, and the best technicians.
Bike Fit at Tri Shop
Bike Fit

Tri Shop is your expert Dallas road and triathlon bike fit specialist and is both Retul and F.I.S.T. road and triathlon certified.

You're guaranteed to find the expertise to help you get the perfect bike fit.

Road Bikes at Tri Shop
Road Bikes

Some road bikes are built for comfort, while others are built for aerodynamics and speed. We'll find the bike that works for you.

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Tri Bikes at Tri Shop
Triathlon Bikes

Triathlon bikes are built for speed and aerodynamics. With steeper seatposts and a shorter top tube, they help you go as fast as you can, as easy as you can.

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Carbon Technology
Tri Shop visited Felt Bicycles headquarters to learn about bike development, materials, and more.
Tri Shop has taken multiple trips to the wind tunnel to test bikes, rider position, and much more.
Service Department
Tri Shop's Service Department is among the best in the US. We treat your bike like its our own.