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Why Does Fit Matter?
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Think Fit First

The best bike for you? The one that fits. The right fit maximizes comfort, efficiency, and power to enhance your cycling experience. Tri Shop provides the option to do a fit-first bike purchase - we find the perfect bike for you by going through our fit process on our Retül Müve fit bike.

A fit-first approach guarantees you get the best bike that fits your specific needs and riding style and helps you avoid making an expensive mistake - buying a bike that doesn't fit. It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner, racer, or Ironman - fit matters.

Every time you buy a bike with Tri Shop, you get a free professional bike fit both before getting on the bike and after the purchase using Retul. This guarantees the bike is configured to best meet your needs. Tri Shop is both Retul and F.I.S.T. certified to help you find the perfect bike whether your are a beginner to cycling, a bike racer, or an Ironman.

Still not sure about buying your bike fit-first? These results speak for themselves:

Road Bike Fit-First with Retul Muve Triathlon Bike Fit-First with Retul Muve

Road Bikes

Road Bike Geometry

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.
- John F. Kennedy

Whether you are looking to get fit, ride with the neighborhood group, participate in bike rallies, or race, you'll want a road bike. Some road bikes are built for comfort, while others are built for aerodynamics and speed.

Tri Shop will help you wade through the mountain of options, brands, and information to find a bike that's perfect for you.

For more information on road bikes and your options at Tri Shop, click here.

Triathlon Bikes

Road Bike Geometry

When anyone tells me I can't do anything...
I'm just not listening anymore.
- Florence Griffith-Joyner

Triathlon bikes are built for speed and aerodynamics. With steeper seatposts and a shorter top tube, triathlon bikes are built to help you go as fast as you can, as easy as you can.

From Sprint to Ironman, nothing is more important than aerodynamics and fit, and Tri Shop has the expertise to make sure you get the best bike for your needs and your goals.

For more information on triathlon bikes at Tri Shop, click here.

Mountain Bikes

Road Bike Geometry

Get a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live.
- Mark Twain

Looking to go off-road and hit the local trails, traverse epic single track, experience a back country expedition, or race XTerra?

Tri Shop will help you find the mountain bike designed to handle just about anything you and the terrain can throw at it.

Go off road with a mountain bike from Tri Shop. To find out more, click here.

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Tri Shop - Triathlon Store in Dallas-Fort Worth
Tri Shop - Triathlon Store in Dallas-Fort Worth
Tri Shop - Triathlon Store in Dallas-Fort Worth